Arts and Sciences Courses

*Course Information is subject to change. The latest information will always be provided in our College Catalog.

The Arts and Sciences Department at Bramson ORT is a vibrant academic unit that reflects the institution's mission. Its purpose is to provide a wide variety of courses in various disciplines that will help develop and strengthen the skills needed to succeed in today's working environment. The Department of Arts and Sciences offers a serious of required courses which include Math, English and a variety of electives that are designed to build a strong academic foundation. The curricular offerings would prepare students for more advanced course while enhancing current skills and re-enforcing aptitudes for courses within their major.

Additionally, the Arts and Sciences Department is a host to ESL program which has been one of the long standing elements of Bramson ORT's pedagogical history. The ESL course sequence provides instruction in the English language for non-native speakers serving as the backbone of basic English literacy. Admission to each level is determined through placement examination. Students are required to complete the ESL sequence from the point of initial placement. Each level includes a comprehensive academically oriented curriculum in reading, writing, listening, speaking and comprehension.

The Department of Arts and Sciences serves all students at Bramson ORT providing them with a unique opportunity to sharpen analytical, critical and inquisitive thinking skills. In constantly bringing original and challenging academic ideas to new generation of traditional and non-traditional learners, the Department of Arts and Sciences clearly reflects the mission and vision of Bramson ORT College.

The complete list of the Arts and Sciences courses are listed in our College Catalog.