ESL Courses

The English and Liberal Arts Department offers a wide variety of courses that provide students with the language and communication skills needed to succeed in today's working environment. In addition, the Department offers an intriguing variety of Liberal Arts courses that are a vital part of a higher educational experience. Here, students are offered many opportunities to improve their ability to communicate successfully. The Department offers a full range of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and services from beginning to advanced levels. Additionally, we offer English classes in Literature, Speech, Interpersonal Communication and more. Our Liberal Arts course offerings range from Foreign Languages and Multimedia In Society, to courses in History, Politics and Philosophy.

Program Description

A variety of pedagogical methods are utilized to improve English skills, among them differentiated instruction and cooperative learning. Interactive technology is a major component of our ESL classes, thereby allowing our English language learners to further develop their writing, reading and listening skills, along with improving their computer skills. Audio-videotape materials, software and Internet resources are incorporated into courses at all levels. These courses are taken alongside your Degree programs and are not offered as stand alone courses.

Why choose Bramson ORT College?

  • Updated technology
  • Fully equipped labs, computers, updated software, and internet access
  • Innovative and engaging teaching methods
  • Cutting-edge industry certified instructors
  • Program of studies tailored to the needs of each individual student
  • Review classes for National Certification and City-wide professional exams
  • Tutoring in academic subjects
  • Flexible schedules available, combining in-class and online courses
  • Exciting internships in the students' field of study
  • High rate of professional placement, with individual job preparation and assistance
  • Job placement assistance
  • Earn Your High School Equivalency at the same time

  • Employment Opportunities

    By choosing Bramson ORT College, you will not only gain a quality education, but you will secure a future in the hottest fields and industries as a “make-it-happen”, troubleshooting professional. Bramson ORT College's teams of skilled professionals will assist you in finding a job in your career field.

    This department prepares students to be successful in the professional workplace by offering students opportunities to improve their ability to communicate and think critically. For example, our intensive ESL courses and services are available to assist students in developing the necessary language comprehension skills to succeed in the competitive workplace.

    The critical thinking course offers skills that improve students' abilities to communicate their ideas, goals and opinions; and the wide variety of additional English and Liberal Arts courses assist students in gaining a better understanding of the world around them.

    Retraining Program

    Retraining Program

    Bramson ORT Offers a Retraining Program for Liberal Arts College Grads!

    Alexandra Ziscovici is a recent graduate from Syracuse University and a participant in Harvard University’s International Law Program. Now as one of the top liberal arts college graduates, she anticipates enrolling in a technical school. Why are so many liberal arts college graduates enrolling in technical colleges? Technical schools such as Bramson ORT College offer Professional Retraining Programs that enhance students’ skills by offering hands-on and marketable trades in today’s tough job market. Read Alexandra’s story below and discover the benefits of joining an in-demand degree program today!

    "There are many reasons why a technical school education is appealing to a liberal arts graduate such as myself. I find the necessity to sharpen what I lacked in my education - a trade! In this job market, competition is at its peak. To assure oneself a trade is the smartest thing one can do. I majored in French and International Relations. What can I declare at the end of my four years of study? I submerged my life in academia, but has it helped me find a job? Students across the nation are asking the same question. This is where a polytechnic education comes in handy. It will give you the key to not only apply what you learned with your Bachelors Degree, but also help your coveted eloquence and technical training stand out in the competitive job-market. You can prove what you know in theory with the hands-on experience that many employers perceive as desirable.

    Having received a diverse and international education, I now want to go back to school to compliment my knowledge with the skills that are sought after in high demand. We are living in the digital age, surrounded by constantly changing technology. If you are not on the computer, then your business is already antiquated. I know that I can acquire an advanced technical skillset by returning to a (technical) school and learning computer operations, programming, graphic design, game design, and all things that are most importantly, in-demand. It’s never too late. Technical schools with retraining programs such as Bramson ORT College offer hands-on skills in addition to internship and job placement assistance.

    In many ways, technical schools can teach you practicality. You would be learning a set of skills that help prepare you for the “real world.” New jobs are surfacing and old ones are constantly updating their staff. This is where a technical institute will distinguish you from the rest. In today’s economy, many employers require HTML proficiency, knowledge of programming, experience in user-interface, web design, renewable energy technology, and many more. Liberal arts students can explore and sharpen their skillset by enrolling in a technical college. In most cases, liberal arts credits can be transferred towards the new degree. Private not-for-profit community schools, such as Bramson ORT, keep the tuition low and the hours flexible, so education is affordable and accessible. Discover the opportunities waiting for you!"

    - Alexandra Ziscovici

    Contact Admissions at: 718-261-5800 to learn more about the Bramson ORT Retraining Program and how you can transfer your credits.