International Students

International Students' Advisor (ISO)

The International Students' Advisor assists Bramson ORT College’s International students with obtaining an F-1 Visa, so that they may enter the U.S. for the purpose of studying at the college. The Office also assists the dependent's of Bramson ORT College's students with obtaining the F-2 Visa, so that they may enter and stay in the U.S., along with their spouse or parent(s).

ISO Provides the Bramson ORT College International Students with:

  • Documents, procedures, and advice for obtaining and maintaining F-1 International Student.
  • Employment advice.
  • Travel advice and authorization for re-entering the U.S.
  • Information and advice regarding U. S. health insurance.
  • Information on available International students scholarships.
  • Information on obtaining a Driver's License.

  • How to Enter The U.S Legally as an International Student

  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must have a valid I-20 from Bramson ORT College.
  • Always check with the International Students' Advisor Office for current and accurate visa information.

  • Always bring your passport, I-94 and all I-20s to the international students' office when seeking advice. Always check with the international student services office at least two weeks before leaving the U.S., and before seeking employment. Always register as a full time student and pay your tuition before leaving the U.S. for vacation. Always obtain written permission from your international student advisor in order to re-enter the U.S. (see back of I-20). Always notify the Bramson ORT College Registrar’s and International Students Advisor’s office within 10 days of your address change. It is a USCIS (INS) Requirement.

    Maintaining Your Legal Status

  • Be a full time student.
  • Maintain a good grade point average at all times.
  • Do not work illegally.
  • Receive written travel authorization from the international student advisor at least two weeks before you leave the U.S so that you will be permitted to re-enter the U.S. following your overseas stay.
  • Enter the U.S. With a valid passport, F-1 Visa.
  • Transfer your I-20 from your previous U.S. Institution to Bramson ORT College before the first day of class.

    F-1 & F-2 Visas

    An international student needs the F-1 Visa to legally enter the U.S. for the purpose of studying in the U.S. The international student’s spouse and children need the F-2 Visa to legally enter the U.S. The F-1Visa is a U.S. State Department document that can only be obtained at the U.S. Consulate in the student’s home country.

    Steps for Obtaining the F-1 or F-2 Visa:

  • Submit College admissions application.
  • Submit translated and notarized high school diploma and or records. Receive notification of College admissions.
  • Submit Affidavit of Support Form.
  • DSO reviews Affidavit of Support and determines financial eligibility for issuance of the I-20. See Pre I-20 Package.
  • DSO mails I-20 document(s) to student (and dependents).
  • Student (and dependents) receive I-20, pay SEVIS I-901 fee and make an appointment at the U.S. Consulate.
  • Student takes passport, I-20 form, financial documentation & SEVIS receipt payment (I-901) to nearest U.S. Consulate to apply for the F-1 or F-2 Visa.

    Maintaining the F-1 Visa

    Steps for Maintaining the F-1 Visa:

  • Have an F-1 before beginning your program.
  • Check in with DSO to verify your F-1 Status at the beginning and end of each semester.
  • Keep your passport, I-94 and I-20 and I-94 valid at all times.
  • Be a full time student when enrolled at Bramson ORT College. Part-time status may be authorized due to certain Academic reasons or medical conditions.
  • As a student, maintain a good grade point average at all times (C average or better for Associate Degree students)
  • Receive written travel authorization from the International Students' Advisor and the U.S., so that you will be permitted to re-enter the U.S. following your overseas stay.
  • Enter the U.S with a valid passport, valid I-20 and valid F-1 visa.
  • Have your previous U.S. institution release transfer form to the Bramson ORT College. (Ask the Bramson ORT College-DSO Advisor about this.
  • Notify Bramson ORT College International Students Advisor’s Office within 5-7 days, after changing your U.S. address.

    Social Security Card/Number

    In order to obtain a Social Security Card/Number, International Students must take the following documents to the Social Security Office listed below:

  • Original passport
  • F-1 or J-1 Visa
  • Original I-94
  • I-20 with INS-DSO’s signatory approval (See Int’l Student Advisor)

  • * International students must place themselves on a list available at Registrar’s

  • Letter from Int’l Student Services Office with EIN # -Employment
  • Identification Number (See Int’l Student Advisor)
  • Letter of job offer from employer
  • Employment authorization letter (for F-1)
  • Take all documents above to the: SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE IN JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY

  • Please note, all of this is applicable after students have completed six months at Bramson ORT College.

    How to Work Legally under the F-1

    Students will need to receive written permission or a recommendation from the Bramson ORT College International Student Advisor before engaging in any kind of work.

    On-Campus Employment for Students in F-1 Status

    CAUTION: Working without authorization is a serious immigration violation. USCIS regulations provide the F-1 student with a variety of employment possibilities. It is important and beneficial for the F-1 student to know in advance the different ways that he or she can legally work. Employment guidelines and advice can be obtained at the Bramson ORT College International Students Advisor’s Office.

    Eligibility and Application Requirements:

    On-Campus Employment under F-1 regulations requires the student to maintain legal F-1 Status. Legal F-1 Status means you must do the following:

  • Have a valid passport.
  • Have an I-20 from the school currently attending
  • Follow procedures for releasing SEVIS I-20 from previous U.S. institution to current school.
  • Carry a full course of study. You must be registered as an undergraduate for 12 credits or as a graduate for 9 credits during each semester. If you drop below this number at any time during the semester you are not maintaining lawful F-1 status. If you are not registered for courses during any semester you are not maintaining lawful F-1 status.
  • Refrain from working without employment authorization.
  • Other requirements exist for each type of F-1 employment. After reviewing, the categories of F-1 employment, ask an International Student Advisor about specific requirements for each category or pick-up detailed information at ISO.

  • DEFINITION OF “EMPLOYMENT”: “Employment” is any type of work performed or services provided in exchange for money, tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, food or any other benefit. If you receive no pay or other benefit for work performed, this activity is not defined as “employment” but is considered to be “volunteer work”.

    Click the links below to download the forms:

  • Proof of Financial Capability
  • Application for form I-20